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About Us

We are a group of fierce and amazing women healing our skin naturally. 

Why You Should Join Us

In this community, you'll have access to:

  • Heal your skin from the inside out with delicious meal and snack ideas 

  • Connect and share ideas with other women from around the world healing their skin naturally

  • Master quick & easy meals specifically for healing acne with access to cooking demonstrations 

  • Forget having to scroll aimlessly online for hours reading information on acne healing + know exactly what’s scientifically proven and relevant with hand-curated articles, studies + advice from Acne Expert & Registered Dietitian

  • Make your own natural healing products at home with a FREE copy of all natural DIY skincare e-book: Little Book of Kitchen Wonders

Why you need this course/community:

+ You want CLEAR SKIN!

+ You want to know your body better so you can finally put an end to the frustrating acne cycle

+ You want to banish anxiety around eating (because it might cause you to break out)

+ You want to heal your skin naturally 

+ You have a hard time sticking to a plan because you're not sure what will actually work

+ You are tired of wasting tons of money on products, treatments, etc that don't work

Why this program is different

+ Evidenced based (yes, I pulled information from my 5+ years as a Registered Dietitian, 10+ years as a licensed aesthetician and hundreds of medical studies and papers!)

+ Even if diet is not your MAIN acne trigger, improving your diet in general will make acne LESS severe, improve energy and digestion and overall good feels :)

+ A comprehensive approach to healing from the ROOT cause of acne

A Big Thanks

To all the amazing women healing their skin naturally <3

Joining Options

(1) Clear Skin Library ($4.99/mo)- access to all benefits listed above 

(2) The Clear Skin Squad (Online Program)- This is the full membership version and includes all aspects from The Clear Skin Library, it's an 8 week self study acne healing program where you'll get:

  • All benefits of Clear Skin Library

  • Get clear skin faster with an 8 week, self guided acne healing program where you will:

    • Learn EXACTLY what foods your body needs to heal acne and EXACTLY what foods to avoid (along with a 14 day meal plan!)

    • Heal your gut naturally with my step by step protocol for digestive healing & repairing specifically for those with adult acne

    • Learn exactly HOW and WHAT to eat to balance your hormones for adult acne along with specific products to avoid that might be messing with your hormones

    • Craft the perfect custom regimen for your skin (along with example step by step regimens based on skin type, list of pore clogging ingredients to avoid and even a virtual esthetician directory so you can get expert skincare advice no matter where you are!)

    • Eat & exercise your way to detoxing your body properly (along with a sample plan & foods list to help you get there!)

    • Craft a stress management plan that’s NOT just meditation (along with worksheets and lists of suggested activities so you’re bound to find something that works for you specifically)

    • Get your confidence back & love yourself again with a whole week dedicated to self care & self love (along with daily acts of self love & guidance!)

    • KEEP the results you worked so hard for with a step by step plan for maintenance (along with recipes, food lists and recommended supplement list!)

  • A more “hands on” approach with more guidance and step by step instructions to help you work your way through the program including recipes, meal plans, food lists, worksheets, tips & tools

  • Get personalized help & make sure you’re on the right track with one FREE hour long session with me 

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